Introducing A New Brand: Animal Packers

It started as a simple question from my adorable, precocious Olivia: “Nana, can you make me a ‘yion’ backpack?” NOW, 2 years later, we are happy to introduce “Animal Packers,” a new line of children’s backpacks designed specifically for the littlest bodies. (and, yes….I made the ‘yion!”)

So just HOW did Animal Packers go from a request to a COMPANY?

We looked for answers to more questions:

  • WHERE do you find a manufacturer for textile products?
  • HOW do you find them?
  • CAN they produce quality products consistently?
  • ARE they ethical in their business practices?

We were clear on our mission from the beginning: Quality and Ethics.

It’s been a fun, eye-opening education to find suppliers. We said no to a few, but finally found a supply chain that we’re happy with. And, as we move forward, we continue to make improvements to ensure high-quality products that are made ethically.

Our desire to be ethical in our business practices is extended to our retail partners. We seek solid working relationships with our wholesale partners and we’ve put several things in place to promote this.

  • We’ve developed a MAP Policy (Minimum Advertised Price) that all Partners sign.
  • We will never compete against you on price.
  • We will help your advertising efforts by sending you official photos of the products if you need them

About our backpacks: Animal Packers backpacks are specifically designed to fit children ages 18 months – about 7 years (depending upon the size of the child.) Our backpacks are lightweight (about ¾ lb. each) yet strong enough to hold all the necessities for a day of fun. They are made from fabrics that are BPA, PVC and Phthalate free, and they are machine washable…..we even include the “care bag!”

We are launching the Brand with a ‘Booski’ Bear, ‘Nay-Nay’ Monkey, ‘Chicklet’ (baby bird) and a Dog named ‘Rocket!’ Look for ‘Buckie’ Horse, ‘Sammy’ Bull and ‘Austin’ Bat in 2018!­

Posted on 2017-10-05 by Jenna Gleason

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