Holiday Marketing Tips for Your Baby Boutique

Holiday Marketing Tips for Your Baby Boutique

Between the talk of Halloween costumes and the scent of pumpkin spice in the air, it’s hard to miss it. The fall season is upon us! And with the season comes the holiday shopping. Unlike tech aficionados or parents of school age kids, new and expectant parents aren’t the usual target demographic for the season. For small business owners in the baby and maternity industry, there are some ways to take advantage of the season with unique promotional sales and techniques, though. Here are a few to consider.

Getting Them In the Door:

Get connected.

Social media is one of the most effective marketing tools around these days. Engage your customers on social media by asking them to check in on Facebook when they visit the store. As their friends scroll through their newsfeeds, you’ll gain greater visibility.

You can also offer incentives like small discounts in exchange for leaving a Yelp review. According to the popular source for customer reviews, 4 out of 5 of Yelp’s millions of monthly users visit the site or app when preparing to spend money.

Find influencers.

One of the other great ways to spread the word about your company or boutique is through influencers like bloggers or local news outlets. Reach out to local or regional mommy bloggers or magazines by sending a sample or special promotion their way. Try to get listed in a gift guide if you’re a manufacturer or highlighted in a holiday shopping section if you run a brick and mortar store.

Get the community involved.

Know of a daycare or a yoga studio for fit mamas nearby? Cross-promote your shop by putting cards, brochures, and flyers in complementary business locations. You can return the favor by carrying coupons and flyers for other businesses in your store, as well. 

In the Store:

Make it unique.

Display one-of-a-kind holiday-themed art by local artists in your store and offer it for sale. There’s a good chance that the young family shopping in your boutique just upgraded to a bigger home and are looking for some unique holiday accents to fill it. Consider partnering with a local artist to sell a few of their pieces for the season. You’ll make a name for your store as a unique destination for holiday shopping.

Let your customers make themselves at home.

Shopping for family and friends is fun, but it’s also exhausting. If your customers also happen to be pregnant, they’re probably dealing with aching feet, nagging back pain, or an insatiable appetite for snacks. It might be a good idea to have a comfy place to sit or an offering of free cookies or beverages to ensure that customers don’t actually shop until they drop.

As we head into fall and the year winds down, everyone will be reminiscing about the year that’s passed while also looking forward to new beginnings. This is especially true for new and expectant parents. Offer them products and services or put a spin on the offerings you already to have to match the demand for new beginnings.

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