The LifeChanger Makes Life and Diaper Changing Easy on the Go

Finding a place to a change a diaper when you’re out and about is a challenge for many parents with a baby or young toddler. The cleanliness of public restroom changing tables is questionable, and most dads will have a hard time even finding a changing table in a men’s restroom. With Anna & Eve's brand new The LifeChanger, parents will never have to worry about where to change their little one’s diaper, whether running errands, at the park, or taking a trip to the beach. 

With safety straps that fit snugly around the child, and straps for parents to wear around their waist to keep it in place, The LifeChanger can be used on your lap or on any stable flat surface to change a dirty diaper. When it’s time for a diaper change, simply unfold the bag to place the baby on the soft cotton padded interior. It can also be unfolded to use at home on any stationary changing table. The soft changing pad, which is included with The LifeChanger, is comfy and easily removable for machine washing. The diaper bag has four mesh pouches to carry all of baby’s essentials such as bottles, diapers, wipes, clothes, and toys. In addition to its multifunctional use, The LifeChanger can be worn as a shoulder bag, backpack or messenger bag and comes in red, gray, or blue.

 The LifeChanger OpenWhen unfolded, The LifeChanger bag doubles a comfy changing pad. 

Thanks to The LifeChanger, everything you need for diaper changing is right within reach. As springtime approaches, this unique and convenient product is a must-have for any outdoor adventure or spring break vacation. 

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