Your Trade Show Checklist for ABC Kids Expo

Whether you’re an industry veteran or a newcomer, there are always a few things you end up wishing you’d remembered to bring along or thought to ask while you were at an event. Here’s a list of items and ideas you may or may not already have on your checklist.


  1. Trade show mission statement – Go into the expo with clear expectations. What do you want to get from your visit? What do you want vendors and representatives to know about you?
  2. Take a partner – The buddy system isn’t just for boy scouts. If you’re running a booth, you’ll want at least two people running it during the busy moments. You’re also going to want multiple eyes and ears on the floor to network, hear sales pitches, and make decisions with.
  3. A differentiator – At the ABC Kids Expo, there will be more than 3,200 booths and over 12,000 attendees representing nearly 80 countries in about 1,000,000 square feet. Visitors will have a lot of ground to cover and you need to be memorable. Your differentiator could be awesome swag, an interactive booth, or a very catchy slogan. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but you do want to stand out!
  4. Prepared demo – If you’re at the show to market your new product, nothing stays in the minds of prospective buyers more than a good demonstration. Don’t just tell them why your product is great, show them! If it’s impractical to do a demo at the show, try shooting a demo video to play on a laptop or tablet, even.


  1. Light clothing – While it is fall, the ABC Kids Expo takes place in Las Vegas, which is still pretty warm in the middle of October. Don’t over pack with cold weather gear. A light sweater, cardigan, or thick polo should do the trick. When in doubt, check your weather app the day before you leave for Vegas.
  2. Comfy shoes – Whether you’re walking the floor or exhibiting at a booth, your feet will get tired. It’s especially important if you’re an exhibitor that you’re comfortable standing for a long time. Sitting isn’t inviting to passersby. It gives the impression that you don’t want to be there. So wear comfy shoes and plan to stand a lot.
  3. A baggie full of everything – Think of it as your trade show first aid kit. Keep a few Band-Aids for any paper cuts or ankle blisters, a small handheld stapler to keep all of those brochures and cards together, headache, allergy, and indigestion medications because at least one of the three is bound to happen, and anything else you think might come in handy when you’re in a crowded convention center for a whole day.

Pack light, review your checklist, and have a wonderful and productive time at this year’s ABC Kids Expo!

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Posted on 2019-11-01 by Marikate Wilson

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