Limited Edition 3in1 Wishbone Bike - Apple

by Wishbone Design Studio

 Limited Edition 3in1 Wishbone Bike - Apple

Each Limited Edition features artwork created especially for Wishbone Bike.  Now, Coralie Bickford-Smiths limited edition Apple-a-Day design is the perfect match, with its age old message about healthy eating habits. Food and plenty of exercise are two essential ingredients for healthy, happy kids.  

Wishbone Bike starts at age 1 with 3 wheels - lightweight and super stable.  Later it converts to a 2 wheel balance bike.  The unique "wishbone" frame can be flipped , making Wishbone bikes one of the largest running/balance bikes on the market.  Suitable from approx 1-5 years, with an adjustable seat height 28-46mm/11-18 inches.  With it's sutainable design and innovative 3-bikes-in-1 feature, Wishbone Bikes from New Zealand are the ultimate pre-bike!

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