Booby Boons and Boons+ Probiotic: The Milk's On The Way!

Booby Boons Lactation Cookies and Boons+ Probiotic are loved and trusted by Mom's for their goodness and functionality.  Booby Boons & Boons+ are: Wheat-Free, Soy-Free, Corn-Free, Fenugreek-Free, non GMO, Preservative-Free and Kosher. Booby Boons are available in 5 original flavors including: Caramel Crunch, Cocoa Quinoa, Cowgal, Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin, while Booby BOONS+ Probiotic have an offering of 3 flavors all with the added functionality of 1 Billion/cfu of probiotics per serving! Booby Boons & Boons + Probiotic naturally enhance and support lactation in breastfeeding Moms.

All Boons products are made with Love by Stork and Dove. Moms can expect exciting new flavors and more Stork and Dove products to follow! Booby Boons; 'The milk's on the way. ™, Booby Boons Lactation Cookies ™, Stork and Dove ™

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