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Founded in 1992, ITA-MED Co. is a San Francisco, CA based innovative manufacturer of high quality, breathable, natural and unique medical support products. At the beginning, the idea of the founder, Lev Tripolsky, was for ITA-MED to be a manufacturer and distributor of better quality and more comfortable orthopedic and other medical support product.

When his wife became pregnant with their son in 1995, she was experiencing many pregnancy related issues and problems including lower back pain, loss of balance, poor posture and she had great concerns over getting stretch marks. She tried many Maternity Belts available on the market at that time, didn’t like any of them and eventually asked her husband to design and create a better Support Belt for her.

Mr. Tripolsky, being a mechanical engineer, accepted her request and after many prototypes, eventually designed a great and simple Maternity Support Belt, which his wife liked very much and it helped her eliminate lower back pain, improve posture and prevent stretch marks.

This Maternity Belt (MS-96) later was patented, it became the Best Selling and most popular in the US and the first product of Gabrialla Maternity Collection, which eventually grew to become the most extensive and complete collection of women’s health support products available to women in the U.S.:  

• Maternity & postpartum supports
• Shapewear
• Graduated Compression Stockings
(888) 9-ITA-MED

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