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It’s said that necessity is the mother of invention, and every mom knows that motherhood necessitates invention. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we’ve gathered a few must-have products made by moms, for moms.

Invented by Gwen Keefe, Mom of Two
Poli Sippy Cup
After recent news revealed that some sippy cups on the market were filled with mold and bacteria, it became more important than ever to find a cup that was easy-to-clean and safe. Fortunately, there’s the Poli Sippy Cup. Unlike other sippy cups, the valve comes apart for fast and easy cleaning preventing bacteria and mold build up.  Poli Sippy Cups come in three painted nursery rhyme designs—Humpty Dumpty, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and Hey Diddle Diddle—to promote early reading skills. They also have an adjustable flow to transition as little ones age, and a chew-resistant spout for teething babies with sensitive gums. Poli Sippy Cups are 100% safe and are BPA, phthalates, and lead-free. Find out more about how Poli Sippy Cup Gives Spring Cleaning a Whole New Meaning at

Poli Sippy Cup

Invented by Sari Davidson, Mom of Two
Booginhead Pacigrip Pacifier Leash
Dropping a pacifier or sippy cup on the ground, or where your pets might get it is downright annoying. It’s especially frustrating if you’re on the go and baby begins to cry but you’ve already lost your pacifier to a germy fall. Pacipouch, a washable holder, and Pacigrip, a pacifier leash will keep little ones from losing their pacifier even when dropped and can save moms from those clumsy moments. Booginhead’s catalogue features a wide variety of parenting solutions


Invented by Hindi Zeidman, Foster Mom of One
The Ollie Swaddle
The life-changing Ollie Swaddle was developed by Hindi Zeidman for a baby boy named Oliver, her foster baby, that wasn’t thriving. Zeidman’s experience with infant mental health had acquainted her with the ancient practice of swaddling, so she took to making uniquely soft swaddling blanket for Ollie and all babies. Swaddling assists in reducing spontaneous arousal, helps babies maintain the supine position, reduces the risk of SIDS, and improves neuromuscular development in preemies. For more about Ollie Swaddle and the benefits of swaddling, visit

Ollie Swaddle

Invented by Meghan Khaitan, Mom of Three
In the interest of security—and efficiency—MyBuckleMate is a must-have for shuttling around town. With this innovative product, there will be no more whining because your youngsters can’t manage to buckle themselves in the back seat; no more “She’s buckled into my buckle!” either! With a holder that makes buckles easy-to-reach and that fits into tight spaces, both little ones whose motor skills are quite refined yet and adults with limitations like arthritis will be able to buckle in easily and quickly. MyBuckleMate is available in red, black, gray, beige, and tan. For more on this great product, visit


Whether it’s designing an easy-to-clean sippy cup or finding a no-fuss method for buckling seat belts, moms have invented the solutions and tested them first-hand so that we don’t have to. If there are any awesome mom-made products on the market that you’d like to see featured on Baby Maternity Retailer, share them with us on our Facebook page!

Posted on 2016-04-29 by Winita Frederick

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