Sinkboss: A Sanitary Solution for Washing Bottles Anywhere

How do parents keep their baby’s bottles clean while away from home? While traveling, a sanitary kitchen environment is generally not available, and parents are left with no option but to wash their infant’s feeding supplies and personal breast pump equipment in a contaminated hotel bathroom sink basin. 

In March of 2015, Niloufar Gabbay, who is a Los Angeles Physician Assistant and mother to 3 young children, thought of a solution to this problem. Within months, she was awarded a U.S. Utility Patent for the Portable Washing and Drying Apparatus.  Niloufar wanted to create a product that would allow people to easily and sanitarily wash these items in any sink.  Over the course of the next 2 years, she worked with local design experts and engineers and overseas manufacturers to turn her vision into an appealing and functional consumer product.  

Sinkboss launched in November 2017, and the need for this solution has evolved to include use in the home, the hospital, as well as the workplace. To further support the need for Sinkboss, the CDC has even developed guidelines for washing infant feeding supplies and personal breast pump equipment, which state that these items should be never be washed directly in any sink basin, even at home, due to risk of contamination. 

The intricate design of Sinkboss allows it to be lightweight and portable while still functioning as a large washing rack that has the benefit of doubling as both a countertop or hanging drying rack. Design aspects which lead to its’ versatility include a collapsible silicon colander, which unfolds to provide a physical barrier between kitchenware and the contaminated sink basin. Sinkboss also features 2 removable spike tray inserts on which kitchenware may be placed to dry. Sinkboss offers both fold out legs as well as an adjustable hook and strap system which allows it to be hung from virtually any overhead or adjacent structure if space is limited.
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