The Next Generation in Natural Pregnancy Products

The Anna Naturals story started back with one little girl, when she was just 6 months old and  her mother was struggling to keep up her breastmilk supply while working a full-time, executive job. Turning to fenugreek tea for help, she was amazed at how well it worked but disgusted by its taste. As with so many other natural products, there was an all too familiar fight between what’s good – and what’s good for you. There had to be a way to achieve both… safe, effective products that are ENJOYABLE at the same time.

Enter Anna Naturals.

At Anna Naturals, they have a mission to provide natural products that women can turn to and feel safe using – even when pregnant or breastfeeding. They are also dedicated to educating consumers about the harsh chemicals commonly found in products today, and the safe alternatives available. So many people report having a bad experience trying a “natural” product and end up going back to the regular, synthetic options. Anna Naturals is trying to change the perception of the natural market, and show that safe products CAN be effective and enjoyable.

Anna Naturals has a complete line of award-winning herbal teas, as well as skincare and wellness products for pregnancy (and beyond). Their products have been recognized by Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, Bundoo doctors, WeeSpring, and more, and have received the Mom’s Choice Award. From belly oil to pregnancy tea, oil cleansers to nausea mists, and nipple cream to face masks – Anna Naturals has all of the essentials you need to feel as pretty + powerful on the outside as you are on the inside. Their unique line of products will pamper your pregnancy and rock your recovery!

Whether you’re looking to help ease nipple tenderness while breastfeeding with a natural calendula cream, or enhance that pregnancy glow with a chemical-free mask and toner, when using Anna Naturals products you won’t even realize they are all-natural because honestly, they’re like nothing you’ve ever tried before on the natural market today. Go ahead and check out their entire line at, or visit their booth at the ABC Kids Expo at Booth #1134.

Posted on 2017-10-04 by Marikate Wilson

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