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 Teresa P. Carroll, founder and owner of NuAngel, Inc., is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Registered Dietitian, and three-time nursing mother.  While serving as the State Lactation Consultant for the State of Alabama, Teresa realized the need for high quality breastfeeding products that could be purchased at a reasonable price.  It was then she conceptualized a new company that could provide breastfeeding products to support families during this important process.  Her vision was to establish a company whose name would be synonymous with a quality product line for nursing mothers and infants.  Therefore, she named the company NuAngel.  The “Nu” in the name NuAngel represents nursing, nutrition, and new (as in a new family member).  “Angel” in NuAngel represents the belief that babies are precious angels and the most valuable gifts their parents will ever receive.

 In 1990, Teresa published a children’s book entitled Mommy Breastfeeds Our Baby, her first product to be released under the NuAngel brand.  In 1992, NuAngel began manufacturing cotton washable nursing pads for health departments and hospitals across the nation.  Later, NuAngel began private labeling for other company brands and providing products to the retail market.  

 Teresa has always had a passion for helping mothers understand and succeed at breastfeeding by providing products to support their efforts.  Teresa states, “We support breastfeeding and infant care by providing a product line that supports the role of fathers and nursing mothers as they participate in this incredible experience called parenting.  We are committed to helping promote, protect and support breastfeeding and infant care across the nation and around the world.”

 Today, the NuAngel product line has grown to include many products for nursing mothers, infants and beyond. NuAngel manufactures environmentally friendly, ecological, and hypoallergenic products to support breastfeeding and infant care. The line includes award-winning, patented, and patent pending products, all designed by the founder.  Most of the NuAngel products are made from 100% US grown cotton, because cotton is hypoallergenic, absorbent, breathable, and naturally soft.  NuAngel products include nursing pads, nursing pillows, burp cloths, receiving blankets, washable wipes, pre-fold diapers and other quality products made from 100% cotton.  NuAngel also manufactures products for the medical and beauty industry.

 NuAngel products are cut, sewn, and packaged at their US manufacturing facility.  This allows NuAngel to control the quality of their product line.  NuAngel doesn’t sell imported products but manufactures their products in the USA.  As a Certified Woman Owned Business (WBENC), NuAngel products are “Made for Mothers by Mothers™.”  USA resources and components are used in manufacturing NuAngel products, including USA grown cotton.  Careful quality control, shorter lead times in fulfilling orders, and flexibility in packaging according to customer needs, give NuAngel a distinct advantage over other companies who wait for products to be manufactured and delivered from overseas.
The future vision and goals for NuAngel include continuing to grow in product development, sales and brand recognition. The continued goal is to support the US economy by providing more jobs, and most importantly, supporting breastfeeding mothers and families in their incredible journey.



256-729-5000 or 1-866-83ANGEL

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